Payments & COD / Paypal

Zahlung per Vorkasse und Nachnahme

Payment in advance or cash on delivery:

Payment in advance

For bank transfers to us, please use a SEPA transfer.

Some savings banks and national banks require to activate your account for international SEPA transfers.
This can be done by telephone and online.

Please always state your order number. This is essential for the quick and correct allocation of your payment.

Please transfer the exact amount only (including shipping costs), a round-up or "tip" may lead to delays.
Overpayments can not be reimbursed for administrative reasons
You always have the option to send us a copy of the bank transfer document (scanned or screen copy) so that we can update your order status at an earlier stage and can send your order faster.

However, we reserve the right to wait for the payment receipt in exceptional cases before shipping your order.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

From end of June we offer payment by COD.
You simply pay the amount to the postman when receiving your shipment, easy, comfortably and in cash.

Since COD payments in online trading involve considerable risks (packages are not collected, refused, or are not serious fun orders), the order value is limited to 100.00 to 155.00 Euro.

In individual cases, we reserve the right not to accept COD orders.

Kamagra and PayPal

As well as other Kamagra shops, we are unfortunately unable to offer payment of Kamagra tablets or oral jelly via PayPal.

PayPal prohibits the purchase of a number of things in its GTC (User policy), this includes medications such as Kamagra.

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