Cipla (abbreviation for chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical laboratories) is a pharmaceutical from India.

The company's headquarters are in Mumbai.
The company is world famous for the production of very favorable AIDS drugs. It also has the world's largest product range for respiratory diseases. Cipla was founded in 1935 by Khwaja Abdul Hamied and is currently managed by Yusuf Hamied.
Currently about 22,000 employees are employed.

Cipla produces drugs from a variety of active groups (antibiotics, painkillers, cardiovascular drugs, gastrointestinal agents, etc.), veterinary medicinal products, raw materials for the production of pharmaceutical products (mass-produced products), and plant protection and pesticides. About 2000 products are manufactured for the world market.

In the production of medicines, Cipla ignores partially existing patents of the original manufacturers, but without breaking Indian or international law!

The legal basis for the production and distribution of patent-protected drugs is the WTO TRIPS Agreement.
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